Go Cyclists Go!! E-mail
Written by Patrick   
Sunday, 14 November 2010 18:36

ArchBishops are very proud to see their Cyclists u1600 team reach the t-44 playoffs with an impressive result of 6.0 in 7 rounds and 20.5 game points!

Everyone is invited to come and support them during their playoff  games.

CONGRATZ  GUYS!! : GreatSachin - Nubie - Foxchaseii - Jariv


...Keep pedaling!!!

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TL 44 begins E-mail
Written by wmahan   
Saturday, 25 September 2010 19:01

Hi Arches,

Good news and bad news.  The good news: TL 44 is beginning and we have enviable lineups, as usual.  The bad news: three of our teams have byes in the first round (ArchBishops_Architects, ArchBishettes, and ArchBishops_Angels).  If you are on one of those teams, enjoy your free week and tell your captain whether you can play in round 2.

For the rest of you, the first round starts this Tuesday, September 28 at 19:00 server time.

Here is the complete list of our teams and players:

  • ArchBishops_Architects (U2000A): Pitigrilli, OrganicChess, StiliDimitrov, ForGameNotMoney, BronsteinTheBest, milpat (Captains: pat/wmahan)
  • ArchBishops_MarchOn (U2000B): ValenceJordan, ShakaZahn, Bedreddin, evilcoyote, GreatSachin (Captains: wmahan/GS)
  • anARCHy (U1800A):  StiliDimitrov, Aneirin, GreatSachin, Henderb, keresch (Captains: Ani/GS)
  • ArchBishops_Angels (U1800B):  xombie, LaurentiuI, milpat, shivaroxxx, nemotyro (Captains: pat/wmahan)
  • ArchBishettes* (U1800C): Funkmaus, toweronika, unsophisticated, CinnamonBandit (Captains: wmahan/pat)
  • ArchBishops_Artists (U1600A): pbeccari, DodgeBrother, TerribleTim, KarottenHobbes, unceasinggnome, gorckat (Captains: pat/wmahan)
  • Cyclists-AB (U1600B): GreatSachin, nubie, foxchaseii, jariv  (Captains: GS/nubie)

* We are proud to have our first all-female team!

Important reminder: please tell your captain any weeks you cannot play.  Don't assume we won't schedule you just because we haven't talked recently!  It's perfectly fine if you need a week off, but if you don't tell us and you end up forfeiting, it makes the both the captains and the players look bad.

Questions? Ask a captain or peruse the TL website.

Finally, I wanted to say congrats to our recent graduates (let me know if I missed anybody): evilcoyote (high school), LaurentiuI (bachelor's degree) and xombie (PhD).

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Great start E-mail
Written by wmahan   
Friday, 09 July 2010 13:10

All the ArchBishop teams were undefeated in the first week!  Congrats to the following ArchBishes for scoring victories in round one: Ismirdochegal, ShakaZahn, StiliDimitrov (twice), Henderb, GreatSachin, jariv (twice), DodgeBrother, rookcheck, SkyDiploma, and CinnamonBandit. We are off to a solid start in round 2 as well.

If you have any ideas for the Game of the Week for the first round, submit them here. It looks like nobody has nominated any games yet.

Last Updated on Friday, 09 July 2010 13:24
TL 43 wrapup E-mail
Written by wmahan   
Sunday, 29 August 2010 19:16

Thanks to everyone who played and cheered us on in TL 43. Here's a review of how our teams did.

ArchBishops_Sinners: clear 2nd place in U2000D.  The team wanted more, but a respectable finish that many teams would envy.

ArchBishops_StrangeAngels: got the short end of the stick in a very close U1800 division.  Defending the championship isn't easy!

ArchBishop-OnUnusualLines: clear 2nd in 1800B. Great work all...the only room for improvement is to win the division next time. ;)

LeTourDeFrance-TeamArchBishop: managed to score at least a point every round, but didn't quite live up to their potential in a very competitve U1600 division.

ArchBishops_YoungAngels were agonizingly close to winning 1600A.  Lots of "what ifs", but definitely a result to be proud of.




And finally,

ArchBishops_AllSaints: CHAMPIONS of U2000! Eternal glory and fame are lavished upon Ismirdochegal, OrganicChess, ShakaZahn, StiliDimitrov, and myself (wmahan).  From start to finish the season was close to perfect for us in team spirit and in results on the board. Our score in the finals, 4-0 against the 2nd-place team, exemplified our teamwork and good fortune.

Ismir and Shaka merit special mention for going undefeated in every game. Ismir consistently amazed us by outclassing opponents on board 1. Shaka put up with what must be a record for opponents not showing up. I also want to thank Stili for selflessly giving up his spot in the playoffs (even though I had more confidence in him than I did in myself), and to OC for making my week with his final victory.

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Can u believe that she did it?!!!!! E-mail
Written by Patrick   
Friday, 02 July 2010 14:20

Hard to find words to explain what a game it was... round 1 ,Section T43-1600A, thefourthhorseman vs CinnamonBandit. After 18.Qg5+, the audience wasn't giving any chance for our lady-ArchBishop to survive this monstrous attack. She found a way to defend, I don't know how, and her opponent surely knows less than me how she did, something sure. She won the psycho-war in time trouble  ... until he blundered his last piece in a 3-second move with more than 24 minutes on his clock. This confirms how he was shocked and mentally totally destroyed. What a win Cin!!!!  ...and what a great start for YoungAngels ... as SkyDiploma achieved earlier a convincing win vs. Berke, 2-0 ;)

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 July 2010 16:52
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