Congrats T50 champions E-mail
Written by wmahan   
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 09:13

Thanks to all T50 participants. Special congrats to ArchBishops-MitsuBishies (Gianuzio, LightKnight, CarlosKerber, DodgeBrother, zulugodetia, IMOEC; captains CarlosKerber and milpat), champions of the Lasker section; and to ArchBishops_ArchDukes (LinceHispano, Aneirin , pbeccari, darnakas, Henderb, davemachine; captains milpat, CarlosKerber), who won the Alekhine section.

Honorable mentions go to ArchBishops_ArchEnemies and ArchBishops-Veins-Slurpers for making the playoffs.

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