T53: "Boss, Spassky's sector is ours!" E-mail
Written by Patrick   
Friday, 22 March 2013 12:13

The war for the control of Spassky's territory been worthy of a movie scenario.

After ArchBishops coallition Mafiosi and Shazbot had

eliminate all of the other T53 clans, came the crucial point:

"Will be us or them!"

Battle been for solid hearts only, epic until the real end ,

and went to the last and decisive fight!

But it cannot be 2 at the top...


ArchBishops_Mafiosi: evilcoyote - Funkmaus - Vachopet - Misteraw - (TiNours - milpat)

*also special mention for 2nd place:

ArchBishops_Shazbot: ivey - smallblackcat - ShakaZahn - kasperyan - (wildest)


*2nd place in Capablanca:

ArchBishops_VeinsSlurpers: LinceHispano - rjbriggs - Henderb

- CarlosKerber - DodgeBrother  - (Gianuzio)

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