T54 ...And we make history!!! E-mail
Written by Patrick   
Tuesday, 25 June 2013 06:55

Gande premiere in TeamLeague history:

- A team wins the title in 4 different sections.

YEAH! you are not dreaming ;

AB's won in 4 sections.... including the 3 highest sections!

ArchBishops_ArchPatzers won the Fischer section (open): Tsubo Funkmaus ivey evilcoyote GothicSavior Twikki

ArchBishops_Shazbot won the Spassky section (max. 2032.50): smallblackcat Cuilin ShakaZahn Laurentiui milpat

ArchBishops_Sorcerers won the Kasparov section (max. 1967.75): Funkmaus VojFromMars Misteraw milpat DragonAce

ArchBishops_ArchEnemies won the Capablanca section (max. 1789.0): Ertel Darnakas WMKnight Mahog FiNiLiP stevelco


Also congrats for their playoffs participation:

ArchBishops_Cyclists / ArchBishops_ArchDukes / ArchBishops_MitsuBishies


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